Antelope Valley School District

Our School

Important Facts You Should Know

"Our Faculty and Staff Is Dedicated to Student Success"

• Each student's class schedule is individualized to his/her specific needs

• The school provides a variable credit instructional setting

• The faculty's expectation for student progress is 20 or more credits per quarter or 40 or more per semester

• Students earn credit when they can demonstrate at least 70% knowledge of the material covered

Support Interventions

Saturday School - A weekly opportunity for intervention activities in Math, English and Science course work with the assistance of a credentialed teacher.

Reading for Pleasure Book Club - An elective credit course where participating students read books for one hour each evening at home to increase comprehension and vocabulary skills. Verification of credit earnings is based on the student successfully completing a computer generated quiz for the book they have read.

Extra Class - Students can apply for the 5th period program. AM students would stay for 5th period during PM session and PM students would come in early to attend 4th period during AM session. Applications are available in the office. Space is limited so don't delay!