Antelope Valley School District

Staff Directory

Here you will find a list of our staff as well as a information to contact them directly.

Ms. Anna Betancourt - Bilingual Secretary

Mr. Miguel Cuevas - World History & Economics

Ms. Sherri Cvijanovich - Education Specialist

Ms. Bertha DeAlegria - Pupil Services Technician

  Mr. Ronald DeWalt - U.S. History & Civics

Mr. Gary Dilbeck - English, College and Career Exploration

Ms. Angela Egstrom - Science & Personal and Social Responsibility

Mr. Charles Fairman - English

Mr. Brian Fiske - Roving Substitute

Ms. Tammie Hardin - Secretary to Vice Principal Mr. Hay

 Mr. Andrew Hay - Vice Principal

Ms. Kris Holladay - Art & Painting

Ms. Wendy Ihrig - Community Attendance Worker

Mr. Guy Jent - Custodian

Mr. Deik Maxwell - Education Specialist

Ms. Julie Mitchell - Data Tech & Registrar

Mr. Mark Mitchell - Network Technician

 Ms. Danielle Moise - Library Media Technician

Mr. Oscar Mora - Psychologist

Ms. Christina Parra - Special Education Aide

 Mr. Steve Sedlacek - Math

Mr. John Sharp - Math

Ms. Jennifer Smith - Secretary to Principal Mr. Stanford


Mr. Eric Stanford - Principal

 Ms. Aurora Thompson - Special Education Aide

Ms. Michelle Varela - Security

 Ms. Mariel Velazquez-Aviles - Instructional Aide

Mr. Keenan Williams - Security

 Ms. Beth Whisenand - Physical Education and Health

 Ms. Denicia White - Counselor

Unless otherwise listed, employees can be contacted via email by taking the first initial & last name then adding it to "" or by utilizing the direct link within the Power School Parent Portal.

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