Antelope Valley School District

Future Students


  • Variable Credit - Students can earn credits on their own pace based on their individual effort. Students can graduate early or earn enough credits to return to their comprehensive school.
  • Start Time Options - Students can enroll in AM Session which runs from 8:30 am - 11:46 am or choose our PM Session which runs from 12:16 pm - 3:32 pm.
  • Condensed Day - Students take a minimum of four classes during the instructional day for a total of 3.25 hours.
  • Free Food - All students receive free breakfast and lunch, no forms required.
  • Personalized Instruction - Classes are staffed on a 25 to 1 ratio. Most classes have twenty or fewer students. Smaller classes enable teachers to better assist students and give them optimum attention and one-on-one instruction.
  • Smaller School - Because the student body is small, students receive more attention from the teachers, office staff, counselor and administration. Students have greater input into the decisions which affect the school. 
  • Graduation - By taking advantage of the opportunities at R. Rex Parris High School, students are able to participate in the graduation ceremony upon completion of their credit requirements.
  • Guidance Services - Students may take advantage of a variety of guidance services, including a full-time counselor, substance abuse counseling, tobacco cessation classes, and a College and Career advisor.
  • Environment - Because of a staff dedicated to meeting the needs of students as individuals, the school climate is based on respect and nurturing. Every teacher's unique contributions help students succeed.
  • Personalized Instruction - Smaller class sizes allow teachers to spend more time with students individually to provide one-on-one instruction.