Antelope Valley School District

UPDATE 4/30/2021


R. Rex Parris High School Students and Families,

We are very excited to announce that students are now able to attend class in-person four (4) days per week, rather than only two (2).  This begins Monday, 5-3-21.

Students are currently assigned to one of the following:

Group A – Attending on campus Mondays and Tuesdays

Group B - Attending on campus Thursdays and Fridays

Group C – Virtual only

Students currently in Group A and Group B are allowed to attend class in person Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Wednesdays will continue to be virtual only for all students.  If needed, students will be able to attend classes virtually, and attendance will be cleared with the code “VP” (virtually present).

 Students currently in Group C (virtual only) are able to change to an in-person group.  Please contact the front office to change to an in-person group before attending.

 Thank you.


new bell schedule



STOP-it Safe Screen Website C:\Users\ltweedy-ferguson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\A5AADAAA.tmp
In preparation for our return to in-person instruction, the District has acquired a new COVID-19 screening tool for all employees and students.  In the next few weeks, you will receive information to your school email account that provides directions on how to download the app and create an account.  The STOPit SafeScreen is a web-based, HIPAA-compliant, data-encrypted application designed for any internet-connected device or smartphone in order to ensure access by all.   Beginning April 12th, this app will replace the District’s current Google form screening.

While on campus students will be required to wear a mask and practice social distancing while transitioning to different classes. AM students will be able to pick-up lunch before leaving and will be expected to be off campus by 11:10. PM students will need to arrive to school no earlier than 11:15am.  If a student has an additional class either in the AM or PM will be allowed to continue the class for the 4th quarter. 

Students that are part of the “At- School” program may still login virtually of they are feeling unwell. If students are sick and unable to login, keep them at home and please call the site to excuse the absence.

Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools: Appendix T1
The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health is adopting a staged approach, supported by science and public health expertise, to enable schools serving students K-12 to open safely. In addition, to the conditions imposed on schools by the State Public Health Officer and the California Department of Education, schools must also be in compliance with these employee and student safety and infection control protocols. You will find our Reopening Protocols on our website for under the K-12 Schools: Appendix T1.

The District is committed to offering a full-time “At-Home Learning” option for families who do not want their students to return to “At-School” in-person instruction at this time. 

Current Bell Schedule for Distance Learning. (Ends April 9th)

at home schedule