Antelope Valley School District

Google Reset Instructions

Recently, there was an error on Google's end which changed the password of our student's Google accounts (not all students but almost all). This was an internal issue and our Google accounts were not hacked.

To ensure that your student doesn't have a long Google interruption, we are asking that you immediately have your student log into their Google account and rectify the account. 

To do so, have your student:

Log into their account with these credentials:

Log in: is their student email account (

Password: first initial last initial ID # (for example, my name is Juan Valencia and my ID# is 123456 so my password is jv123456) (Use all lowercase letters and if it does not work, please use all uppercase letters)

Then, IMMEDIATELY have your student change their password.

To change a password:

  • Log into Google
  • In the upper right corner, click on your avatar
  • Click "manage your google account"
  • Click personal info
  • then change your password

This should solve your Google issue.